Have you heard of Lenovys?

Lenovys specialises in applying Lean Management methodology to high-impact innovation and improving people’s energy and performance in the workplace.

Lenovys is a research, consultancy and training company specialising in Lean Management, Innovation and Change Management.

We are the only company in the European market that pursues improved business performance by jointly developing both technical excellence (processes, tools, business systems) and social excellence (habits, behaviours, culture, energy, individual systems). To do this, we have developed and consolidated the “Lean Lifestyle®”  and “Impact Innovation” methodologies.

We are organised into three distinct delivery units to accompany our clients in integrated but highly specialised projects: Performance Improvement, People & Change and Strategy & Innovation.

Our key business activities:

  • We carry out projects to increase the energy in companies, in order to combine  improving professional performance with developing human potential and increasing individual and organisational well-being.
  • We build high-impact innovation systems integrating people, products and processes to give businesses a sustainable and lasting competitive edge over time.
  • We implement tailor-made change management and organisational analysis plans for each project, in order to provide companies autonomy in guaranteeing that they can maintain the results achieved over the long term.
  • We define and conduct business plans to  reduce both waste and costs across the entire value chain, in the company’s various functional areas, and to achieve a tangible improvement in performance and results in a short time.
  • We prescribe and lead customised strategic projects based on the needs of each customer to achieve the best business result over time with minimum effort, without being constrained by pre-packaged and redundant schemes.

A person initiates change around himself when he becomes an example for all others (Luciano Attolico)

The Lenovys team 

Our team is comprised of professionals who share the following characteristics:

  • Great passion and enthusiasm for their work.
  • Proven communicative skills when managing critical situations in the company.
  • Tangible experience in their specific role and a history of achieving results in their field.
  • Ability to lead and guide teams in complex and inter-functional operations.
  • Excellent academic background.
  • Business experience prior to becoming a  consultant and trainer.
  • Experience of working in different countries and fluency in at least 2 languages.

These qualities allow us to lead high-intensity projects alongside our clients that deliver results in a shorter than average time, accompanying a company’s people on the way by guiding them in a real context rather than by prescribing solutions written in isolation in front of a computer.

Lenovys people

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