Our history

Lenovys  was founded on 21 January 2009 to tackle the challenges set by its two founding members, Luciano Attolico and Gianluigi Bielli , both of whom had significant prior experience as both consultants and managers of major multinational corporations.
Our challenge was to provide the best Lean experts to assist our clients to quickly become competitive through the systematic reduction of waste and the introduction of innovative product and process solutions, by putting people at the centre of all their interventions.

We have always been convinced that companies can grow if – and only if – the people inside them grow. There’s no need for huge projects with indefinite time-frames and exorbitant costs.

Today, we can claim to have succeeded in that challenge and we have been named as one of the most innovative, dynamic and effective European companies in the  Lean Transformation field, for both small and medium-sized enterprises and large multinational corporations. In 2017 Lenovys made the Financial Times “FT 1000” special ranking of the 1000 independent European companies with the the highest rate of innovation and organic growth. Lenovys is in the top 10 companies in Europe in the field of business consulting and training.

Each year, we manage about 80-100 improvement and innovation sites in Italy, Europe and the USA with the company’s three Delivery Units: Strategy&Innovation, People&Change e Performance Improvement

It’s been said that our ability to help our clients obtain tangible results in a short time is what differentiates us from the rest. And why not also have a little fun ourselves while doing so?
That’s how we see ourselves and we want to continue to reinforce that image.

What’s our challenge for the future? To lead as many companies as possible to achieve great results together with attaining greater well-being and energy levels for their people.