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Simplify. Fully realise the potential of your workforce. Rediscover increased energy and productivity, without waste.

Most individual and business projects to drive change do not achieve the desired results within the expected times; and even when these goals are reached it is difficult to sustain such changes over time.

The lifestyle we are accustomed to inside and outside of the company often does not allow us to exploit the resources at our disposal to the greatest extent, thereby reducing creativity, energy, potential and the capacity for professional expression in all of us.

The growing complexity around us and the current speed of technological, social and cultural change requires a completely different approach in both personal and business improvement projects. This approach allows us to achieve great performance quickly and easily, together with allowing the people involved to rediscover their well-being and physical, emotional and mental energy.

Unfortunately, the use of processes and innovation tools by itself is not enough to guarantee the results you want to pursue over time.

We must start developing a system of social excellence essential to a real change of mentality within the company, together with developing the technical systems.

Social excellence occurs when people succeed in thinking in a different and proactive manner and especially when they continually repeat actions that lead to different outcomes than in the past. In other words, social excellence occurs when new habits are consolidated.

Lenovys has consolidated a methodology for people’s development and social excellence: Lean Lifestyle®, a management framework that aims to maximise the potential of people in business and reduce the waste of talent and energy.

Through the Lean Lifestyle methodology® we design a habit management plan to sustain real change in the company, with the goal of combining high performance and great energy, making companies autonomously ensure that the results acquired last over time.

Attainable advantages:

    • Simplification and streamlining of daily work activities.
    • Increasing the time available for strategy, relaxation, and personal and business growth.
    • Increase in the levels of physical, emotional and mental well-being and energy in the company.
    • Increased motivation, engagement, collaboration and team spirit in the company.
    • Maintaining and improving the entire team’s results over time.
    • Creating a common vision in the company.

The implementation of the Lean Lifestyle® in the company is built on four axes:









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