Together with our partners, our team of consultants is involved in carrying out consulting and training projects with our customers.

The common factor: professionals with a great passion and enthusiasm for their work.

Morgan Aleotti Expert
Simone Bielli Principal
Silvia Cattaneo Expert
Nicolò Codifava Analyst
Maria Grazia Colaianni Master
Gabriele Colombo Principal
Andrea Coluccia Consultant
Rossella Di Stasi Analyst
Gianluca Ferrari Principal
Matteo Gottardi Principal
Koen Lagae Master
Michele Liberati Expert
Francesco Lischi Consultant
Giacomo Merli Expert
Filippo Petrera Master
Gabriele Schiavina Expert
Riccardo Siciliani Expert
Riccardo Sivori Master
Alessandro Valdina Master
Federico Visca Analyst