Together with our partners, our team of consultants is involved in carrying out consulting and training projects with our customers.

The common factor: professionals with a great passion and enthusiasm for their work.

Morgan Aleotti Manager
Cecilia Angioletti Senior Consultant
Michele Bergamaschi Partner
Gianluigi Bielli Partner & Co-Founder
Simone Bielli Partner
Alessandro Borla Analyst
Davide Capitanio Consultant
Maria Grazia Colaianni Manager
Gabriele Colombo Partner
Francesco Cortese Analyst
Gianluca Ferrari Partner
Marco Ferrante Senior Consultant
Gian Maria Frison Senior Consultant
Matteo Gottardi Principal
Annalisa Malvezzi Analyst
Nicolas Marcelli Senior Consultant
Francesco Mari Analyst
Omar Mascia Consultant
Leopoldo Losa Analyst
Gianluca Losi Partner
Lorenzo Lucchesi Partner
Danilo Pappa Manager
Giuseppe Patania Partner
Filippo Petrera Principal
Michela Prato Consultant
Massimiliano Salerno Manager
Riccardo Sivori Manager
Leo Tuscano Partner
Alessandro Valdina Principal
Federico Visca Senior Consultant