What skills need to be developed to achieve excellent performance?

Lenovys is a partner to numerous Italian and foreign companies in developing managerial skills. We have accompanied more than 250 companies in their development programmes and trained over 18,000 people.

Lenovys is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company providing training and consultancy services. We are partners in financed training projects delivered on a public tender and sector fund basis.

With Lenovys’ support, companies can take advantage of the national interprofessional equity funds for continuing education (enterprise fund, managerial development fund, etc.).

Our skills development programmes provide:

  1. Off-the-shelf intensive training modules at the client’s site.
  2.  Applicable training paths named Lenovys Training in Action (LTA), carried out at the client’s site.
  3. Inter-company Executive Master course for developing entrepreneurs and managers:
  4. Personalised training projects designed and tailored to specific needs, integrating training, mentoring, coaching and field projects.

Why should you choose Lenovys as a partner in developing business management skills?

Through our three delivery units – Performance Improvement, People & Change, Strategy & Innovation – we manage to completely cover companies’  managerial development needs, from technical (hard skills) to social aspects (soft skill), and up to the strategic, innovation and leadership skills that are essential for any business wanting to stand out in a rapidly changing world.

95% of customers have gone on to purchase more training sessions after their first experience with us or after having purchased consultancy services.

We have partnered with hundreds of companies in training and consulting projects with excellent results.

Thanks to this experience our trainers lead training journeys strongly focused on results and transfer the skills have they have accrued and consolidated into the field.

For us, continuing to update and evolve our reference topics has become a source of strength. This assures our clients a sound education and methodology, speed and flexibility in designing and delivering training projects, and finally  the ability to train large groups of people simultaneously across several sites with the same methodology.

This research is consolidated through continuous exchange with prestigious universities and research institutes, including partnerships with  the Santa Anna School of Higher Education of Pisa and a long-standing collaboration with Jeffrey Liker of the University of Michigan, one of the world’s leading experts in Lean Thinking.

The fruit of our ongoing search is in our publications:

We are not just trainers. Our trainers have developed specialist knowledge and awareness of business processes in their respective sectors. They know how to wed the transfer of this managerial experience to developing the methodological principles required for each training journey.

LTA is our formula that combines personal development with tangible results thanks to setting up operational projects that implement the acquired skills and monitor the impact on people and businesses even during the tutoring phase.

This allows companies to jointly design educational journeys and performance improvement activities, and to measure the project’s ROI  through the impact of individual projects.

Thanks to the Lean Lifestyle® methodology, in all development projects we integrate the aspects of  social intelligence  with technical intelligence.

In this way, we eliminate things  that could make an apparently well designed and interesting training course remote from operational practice.

Unless people are deeply involved, all new expertise is at risk of being forgotten.

For this reason we must also always look after the individual’s emotional, cognitive and behavioural aspects  during the technical development journey. Only when a person works on changing their own mindset will they be able to put the newly acquired skills into practice, and work on others to improve the world around them.

We have developed a digital support system, Lenovys Academy, to allow our clients to benefit from teaching material, to monitor the development of the skills they have acquired through appropriate testing and evaluation systems and to give the company the possibility to continue to have structured access to the teaching material at any time.

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