Helping people in the company develop is achieved with the support of professionals with extensive experience in managing change. For this reason we integrate both individual and team coaching journeys into our projects. This way, we help people grow while improving business processes at the same time.

We believe change will only be successful if the customer becomes independent and succeeds in continuing the journey of personal progress after our project together is complete.

All of our coaches are professionals who hold the certification from the ICF  (International Coach Federation), the world’s largest association of coaching professionals, and act in full respect of the ICF’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The coaching is configured as a pathway in order to achieve challenging objectives by using a style of reasoning designed to unlock people’s potential to reach the performance and efficiency based on the expected results.

The overall goal of our coaching projects is to provide cultural and managerial support to improve the effectiveness of people’s actions, to promote the necessary changes and to actively and innovatively engage people.

In particular, our coaching aims to improve the internal environment and top-level management with the collaborators, to manage relationships assertively and effectively.

The results are focused on transmitting surety and calmness, to empower and facilitate first level decision making, reinforcing the perception of status and professional roles and to thereby improve the business environment.

Individual Coaching

The individual Executive Coaching journeys are on a “one-to-one” basis, structured in 8-10 sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours each, over a timespan defined by the manager. Between each session, trainees have access to a remote support and discussion service via telephone or email. At the end of each session, customised feed-back is provided.

Coaching sessions are based on the professional and personal development goals identified by the trainee, in accordance with the directions provided by management.

The content covered in sessions is protected by principles of confidentiality, according to The International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics.

At the end of the course, a Final Evaluation Report of the coaching journey is completed, reiterating the key steps, goals set, results achieved, actions put into practice, and a quality assessment completed by the trainee concerning the entire process.

Team Coaching

The Group Coaching Journeys have the ultimate goal of improving the internal environment and providing management with the strategic, organisational, managerial, communication and relationship skills needed to achieve the business’ goals.

Through a structured  team coaching  plan, designed for upper and middle management, cultural and managerial support is provided to improve the effectiveness of actions, to promote the necessary changes, to actively and innovatively involve people.

In particular, it aims to create the strongest and most cohesive teams in which each component is capable of working with others or autonomously, toward clear and shared goals, valuing people’s differences and their integration into the group. The specific objective is to improve performance development in order to be more effective according to defined goals, and to implement strategic, organisational, managerial, communication and relationship skills.

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