For us consultancy is the art of applying known principles in order to quickly resolve our client’s problems. It’s not just copying and pasting tools and processes from other successful companies.

Solutions should only be implemented after having carefully analysed the issue to be resolved and by sharing the possible countermeasures with the project team. We are aware that no two clients’ needs are alike and that’s why each journey must be tailor-made to the client’s specific needs and characteristics.

Thanks to our team’s extensive range of experience in having successfully completed numerous projects,  through the specialisations of our three delivery units we can help companies redesign processes and products, create new business models, simplify the work flows of all areas of the value chain, review the business organisation according to the defined objectives, and energise and motivate the people involved in the projects.

In addition, we develop and provide analytical tools based on our proprietary “Lenovys innovation system” in order to  streamline, simplify and standardise the key work flows in different business areas.

Each consultancy project is carried out through the following steps:

  1. Defining or connecting with a business strategy.
  2. Defining the corporate targets to be achieved, the time-tables and the project team.
  3. Starting point analysis, with quantitative analyses differentiated by project type.
  4. Collaborative development of solutions to put in place in order to meet company targets.
  5. Defining the dashboards to monitor the results.
  6. Building a “Habit Management” plan to transform new processes into practised habits.
  7. Accompanying the client in the field until  the desired results are achieved and consolidated.

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