Lenovys is constantly conducting research activities that will continuously advance its methodologies to serve people and businesses.

The proprietary Lean Lifestyle® methodology is an internationally registered trademark and constitutes a management system that combines both technical and social excellence in business, which has up to now been adopted by hundreds of companies.
The Impact Innovation framework synthesises research, benchmarking and experimental activities, carried out from 2008 to present, in the field of innovation management and the development of new products and services.

In the proprietary “Lenovys Innovation system”, the techniques, tools and processes of the entire company are continually updated and structured to ensure homogeneous, replicable and scalable application with customers of any size and in any geographic location.

The books we have published over this time summarise our team’s experience and the results of the lessons learned with our clients in the many consulting and training projects. They have become a reference not only for companies but also for many universities and post-university managerial training centres.

Our presence at conferences in the field further confirms the recognition and results achieved in an industrial context, both in Italy and Europe.

The books of Luciano Attolico

Lean innovation. Strategies to Enhance People, Products and Processes. (by L. Attolico)

The first book on the application of the principles of Lean Thinking in innovation processes.


Toyota Way. The 14 principles for the rebirth of the Italian industrial system. (By J. Liker and L. Attolico)

The international bestseller with updated content, enriched with numerous Italian case studies.


Toyota way for lean leadership (by J. Liker, G. Convis and L. Attolico)

How to achieve operational excellence and maintain the momentum needed to stay ahead of the competition in the long term.


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