Lenovys Training in Action

We have developed a training approach strongly oriented towards the practical application and consolidation of the acquired concepts and skills, thanks to the practical nature of the training course and its immediate application in a real improvement project within a company.

Each Lenovys Training in Action module is made up of:

  • Initial skills mapping with an entrance test for each participant.
  • High-impact training sessions both in the classroom, with simulations related to that session’s subject matter and practical exercises, as well as activities in the field.
  •  The improvement project serves as a “laboratory”  to implement the themes covered and to bring tangible results to the company through the improvements attained.
  • Review and follow-up on improvement projects to examine the progress of the activities and challenges that learners have encountered.
  • Completion of the project and final presentation at the company.
  • Final audit of the Project implementation and results, and final skills mapping with an exit test for each participant.

The key benefits of the Lenovys Training in Action approach lie in the greater effectiveness of teaching through the immediate application of the concepts learned and the immediate results they provide the company.

Generally, the improvement plan is chosen based on the business’ needs, in such a way that the company will attain the greatest benefits in the shortest possible time, repaying and providing returns on the investment during the training program itself.

Case history