Habit Management

2 days

course code 1. 10

What is the course for


Experiment with a real change of mindset


Learn to think proactively


Learn how to change discouraging habits

The traditional  Lean Thinking and Change Management  processes and tools are not enough to guarantee the desired results over time, because in most cases they do not bring about a real change of mindset. Mindset changes only when people are able to think differently and proactively, and especially when they continually repeat actions that lead to a different outcome than previously: That is to say when new habits are established, ones that are different from their old habits.

Through the habit management methodology explained and experienced in this innovative course – the only one of its kind in Italy – participants acquire the ability to eliminate or modify discouraging habits while learning to introduce new habits in preparation for the results you want to achieve at individual and corporate level.


  • Eliminate or modify discouraging habits at the individual level
  • Designing powerful habits at the individual level
  • Eliminate or modify discouraging habits at the organisational level
  • Design powerful organisational habits
  • Maintaining new individual and organisational habits over time

Addressed to

  • CEO, Managing Directors, General Managers
  • Directors and managers
  • Middle Managers
  • Office managers/heads of department/team leaders


The theory of human behaviour and the role of habits in personal and professional life

  • The physiology of habits: from self-control to spontaneity
  • Links between habit and energy
  • Habits and addiction
  • The difference between actions and habits
  • How to recognise a habit
  • The difference between individual habits and organisational habits

Identifying, managing and designing habits at the individual and organisational level

  • The key role of habits in business
  • The architecture of habits: signs, behaviours and gratification
  • How to develop a project for change or to create a new individual habit
  • How to develop a project for change or to create a new individual habit

Activators, gratification and habit consolidators 

  • How to keep th good habits you have acquired
  • The role of feedback in maintaining both empowering and discouraging habits 
  • Habits and triggers to facilitate/speed up acquiring new habits
  • Things to avoid when creating organisational routines
  • The golden rules for maintaining new organisational habits

Habits and productivity

  • Extreme productivity as a habitual and more effective countermeasure to negative stress
  • Individual routines to maximise a person’s productivity
  • Organisational routines to maximise team productivity
  • Analysis and modelling of “best in class” people in adopting individual high-impact habits for extreme productivity
  • Analysis and modelling of “best in class” companies in  adopting high-impact organisational habits for extreme productivity

Habits and relationships

  • Coaching as a new manager-employee habit in a company
  • The key habit in any relationship is to generate positive emotional energy around it
  • The most powerful habit in relationships: delegate 70% of what you do
  • Analysis and modelling of “best in class” people in adopting individual habits with a high-impact for relationships
  • Analysis and modelling of best-in-class companies in adopting organisational habits with a high-impact for relationships

Business habits and strategies

  • Habits, products and markets: How to recognise and trigger customer habits to define and launch irresistible products and services.
  • Becoming accustomed to change: how to create and nurture a visionary business in a rapidly changing world.
  • Habits and strategy deployment: how to create a mission and vision that can trigger empowering individual and organisational habits.
  • How to create multi-year strategic plans that eliminate discouraging organisational habits, increase the capability to transform at all levels and ensure optimum balance between high performance and greater well-being in the company.

You will experience

  • How to change existing habits
  • How to design new individual habits
  • How to design new organisational habits

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