Lean Project Management

2 days

Simplify and improve the management of complex projects utilising the principles of Lean Thinking

course code 2.9

What is the course for


Apply Lean concepts to project management to increase respect for timing, costs and resource loading


Streamline the management of complex projects by increasing the effectiveness of project management


Eliminate waste in project management

Most projects go past their initial deadline, often with higher costs than forecast and with a number of changes from the initial plans, despite having very detailed project plans made in accordance with traditional project management criteria. All plans are forecasts, and as such destined to be disproved by actual events. Lean Project Management is characterised by its focus on creating the right conditions for Project delivery to the expected targets, in spite of any variations along the actual journey, rather than by attempting to obsessively control every detail.

Managing a project in a Lean way means becoming an expert in leading and guiding a team to address all the variables typical of each project. It means developing individual and organisational leadership skills aimed at creating conditions for eliminating waste in managing a project, targeting continuous improvement. As evidenced by dozens of successful companies that have already adopted these principles with enormous benefits it is possible to reduce a great deal of waste, even in project management, by reducing unnecessary formal aspects in contexts where there is extreme variability while at the same time increasing team performance.


  • Apply Lean concepts to project management to increase the respect for timing, cost and resource loading
  • Streamline the management of complex projects by increasing the effectiveness of project management
  • Eliminate waste in project management

Addressed to

  • R&D managers
  • Product managers
  • Middle managers


Lean Project Management processes and tools

  • The main differences between traditional project management and Lean project management
  • Waste analysis in project management
  • Concept paper for a new project
  • Set based concurrent engineering
  • Value Stream Mapping in project management
  • Create an equal flow for the process of developing a new product or service
  • From the “waterfall” system to the “value stream” system for project management (project review system)
  • Agile methodologies: SCRUM and Kanban
  • Do what’s required when it’s required (Pull Planning and Kanban tables)

Organisational and social aspects of Lean project management

  • Align the organisation through visual communication (Obeya System)
  •  How to build the right set of metrics for project oversight 
  • Continuously improve project management (Hansei)
  • Manage resource loading in projects
  • How to create a network of people in support of a new project: roles, assignments, rules
  • Motivation, guidance and team building
  • Active Risk Management

Lean Management in cases of multiple simultaneous projects

  • Defining the governance process for further projects
  • The flow and frequency of conducting and reviewing multiple projects
  • Visual management and multi-project management dashboards
  • The negative effects of task-switching and multitasking: countermeasures and guidelines

You will experience

  • How to give the right cadence to a project
  • How to set up a stream of “pull” activities
  •  How to improve the management of a project currently in progress
  •  How to align your team quickly and effectively
  • How to simplify the planning of a complex project by increasing the effectiveness of project management

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