Impact Innovation Overview

2 days

Business systems for achieving high-impact innovation

course code 2.1

What is the course for


Increase sales and margins deriving from innovative products/services.


Increase the quantity and quality of the generated ideas.


Reduce development and new product costs

It is of little concern to our customers, both now and in the future, how well we are organised, how good we are at cutting costs and reducing waste, or how many problems we have solved or how many we still have to deal with. Or how well we have met their needs up to now.

Our customers are only concerned about a few simple things about our products and services:

  • The products’ impact on their private and professional life
  • What value the products have from the customer’s point of view
  • Whether the products are perceived as unique and distinct in the market
  • The significance that the products have for them
  • How much the products cost and whether or not the advantages to be gained are worth that price
  • If the products are available when they need them.

So, crisis or not, if we want to thrive in a context where the amount of products and services from all over the world is increasing dramatically, often causing dramatic drops in prices, we must become effective in introducing innovative high-impact products and services before our competitors do.

The purpose of the IMPACT INNOVATION OVERVIEW training is to offer you, in just two days, a comprehensive blueprint of the business system that allows you to continually innovate with high-impact in the marketplace. The training course provides a sequential, clear and effective method for building an innovative, high-impact, differentiated and focused proposal that can open up new market areas. This method can then be put into practice into practice, successfully experimenting with it and guiding it with a system of coherent metrics, while at the same time acquiring the ability to exploit all the causes, both internal and external, in order to achieve your objectives with a reasonable cost and on time.


Understand the basic elements to develop your company’s ability to:

  • Increase sales and margins derived from innovative products/services.
  • Increase the quantity and quality of the generated ideas.
  • Increase the conversion rate of ideas into successful products and services.
  • Reduce Time-to-Market.
  • Reduce development and new product costs.
  • Generate high-impact innovation.
  • Constantly create new market spaces.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Formulate and implement your own Innovation Strategy.
  • Unleash the creativity of people in your company.
  • Acquire the tools to facilitate and govern innovation.
  • Build and manage your open innovation system, creating the most effective collaboration network.
  • Exploit existing ideas, technologies and experiences to help the business take off.
  • Building an organisation that encourages and facilitates innovation.
  • Define the innovation monitoring and control system (innovation KPIs).

Addressed to

  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs
  • General management
  • Business unit supervisors
  • Sales management
  • Marketing management
  • Technical directors, R&D managers


Innovation Strategy

  • Methods for analysing potential markets.
  • Defining strategic impact factors in target markets.
  • Strategic impact framework, how to create value curves effectively.
  • Methods for exploring impact levels.
  • Strategies to support effective innovation: innovation strategy and ease/impact matrix.
  • Establishing successful links between the mission statement and business values.

Impact Design

  • Planning the entire value chain of our new product/service starting with critical impact factors.
  • Building the new value chain: profit, process, network and structure models.
  • Building the new offering: performance, architecture and system of the new product/service.
  • Designing new customer experience: brand, service, channel, customer involvement.

Innovation Enablers

  • The importance of digital innovation. Industry 4.0, Lean Manufacturing 4.0 and specific opportunities
  • Enabling innovation: creating the right organisational structure to support innovation.
  • Open innovation: taking advantage of sources of knowledge outside the company to amplify and accelerate innovation.
  • From strategy to action: methods for increasing creativity and generating innovation.
  • Creating a “start-up environment” within an already consolidated company to foster innovation.

Impact Review

  • Links between new innovation concepts and other business functions.
  • Designing market launches and synchronisation with existing business processes.
  • How to conduct a market launch and rapid collection of feedback with greater effectiveness.
  • Lean Start-up: key concepts and lessons learned.

Innovation Governance

  • Building innovation processes in business: routines, tools and key habits.
  • Metrics for evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the innovation system.
  • Links between innovation KPIs and other traditional business indicators.
  • The digital transformation KPIs available to the company.

You will experience

  • How to go from market research to a high-impact market proposal
  • How to communicate your innovative vision effectively
  • A systemic approach to creating high-impact innovation
  • How to look for innovation opportunities in business models
  • How to find innovation opportunities in the product system
  • How to find innovation opportunities in customer relationship systems
  • How to create an integrated management model for enterprise innovation
  • How to experiment with the innovation management model and apply the key principles of Lean Start-up

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