Work-Life Balance

1 day

course code 1.9

What is the course for


Find balance in all areas of your life


Find passion and pleasure in the work environment


Generate a corporate plan to foster people's overall equilibrium

At a period in time with excessive information, material and intangible assets, technology and the unprecedented speed of communication, we are witnessing a frequent paradox in our organisations. The duration of work-related activities is expanding to take up large chunks of our professional and personal life. It is also taking up the mental and physical commitment associated with those activities. In most cases, however, this does not correspond to an actual increase in productivity. It means an increased workload that is not always linked with effective results. Often, we are at home and think about work, or we are at work and have dozens of other things going through our mind at the same time, both work-related and otherwise.

Now, more than at any other time, it is vital to reflect profoundly on how we can achieve high performance in all areas of our lives at the same time: work and career, economic prosperity, creativity, family, personal passions, friends, sports, growth and learning, happiness and fun. Only this will guarantee effective long-term sustainability and well-being with positive consequences for both people and businesses. For this reason it is vital for managers and professionals to dedicate their energies to rediscovering a real overall personal balance that benefits both themselves as well as those around them. Equally vital, therefore, is the ability to establish business plans that promote long-term balance for people. This training course is ideal for professionals who want to take advantage of hundreds of analysed and decoded managerial success stories from this perspective, condensed into a day-long, high-impact program.


  • Recognising what drives us to action
  • Generate highly-significant work environments for yourself and for others
  • Find balance in all areas of your life
  • Find passion and pleasure in the work environment
  • Generate business plans that foster people’s overall equilibrium

Addressed to

  • Entrepreneurs and professionals
  • CEO, General Managers
  • Division Heads
  • Executives and management


Discovering who we are and what we want

  • What are the most important things for us?
  • Robert Dilts’ logical levels
  • Identity and values
  • The war between our two selves
  • Knowing your limits
  • The behaviour tree
  • Habits and identity

Doing what makes us happy

  • Spiritual energy and the significance of our actions
  • People’s need for meaning
  • The need for pleasure, passion and fun
  • How to make your work important, enjoyable and significant
  • The drivers in people’s involvement
  • The elements that can create distance between a company and its employees

Achieving overall balance

  • Become a source of inspiration for others
  • Knowing what is important
  • The principle of communicating vessels
  • The enabling factors for overall equilibrium: personal and business life 
  • Organisational and business countermeasures for encouraging equilibrium: strategic, managerial, operational and technological
  • Individual countermeasures for promoting equilibrium: decisions, the inner game and key habits
  • The personal action plan for achieving balance
  • The search for excellence as a lifestyle

You will experience

  • How to define your behaviour tree
  • How to develop your own system of communicating vessels for overall equilibrium
  • How to establish a corporate plan to foster your employees’ equilibrium

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