Personal Excellence

2 days

course code 1.5

What is the course for


Learn to identify individual priorities that can lead individual excellence in business


Learn how to delegate effectively


Improve personal effectiveness by learning to do more with less

Today it has become more and more problematic to find the time and energy to do everything a professional or manager would like to or is required to do. Days can often end with us feeling exhausted, frustrated and with the sensation of not being able to finish everything that we wanted to. However the lack of time and the feeling of perpetual stress that we often hear about are in most cases due to the lack of a system of personal operational excellence. For many years, businesses have devoted a great deal of effort to achieving excellence through processes, products, organisation and business models, while forgetting to pay attention to the ways in which a person can achieve excellence in the same way.

Reaching your own level of excellence, regardless of the role and position occupied in the company, means applying the first principle of Lean Thinking to people: identifying and maximising value for the customer. In this case, the person working in the company is the customer. Applying Lean Thinking Principles to maximising people’s value and reducing waste is the aim of Lean Lifestyle® and in this two day journey highlighting Personal Excellence, we focus specifically on techniques and concepts that allow us to successfully turn transformation on an individual level into eliminating an array of waste that arises solely from factors related to personal organisation.


  • Learn how to identify individual priorities leading to personal excellence in business
  • Learn how to identify and eliminate waste in daily activities
  • Learn how to delegate effectively
  • Learn how to reduce stress by increasing personal productivity
  • Improve personal effectiveness by learning to do more with less

Addressed to

  • Entrepreneurs and professionals
  • CEO, General Managers
  • Division Heads
  • Executives and management


Defining excellence

  • Distinguish activities of value from those that are superfluous for you, your team and your business
  • Methods for defining and identifying priorities, “Gold Activities”: the Gold Activity Scouting Matrix

Realising excellence

  • Methods for identifying individual and organisational waste
  • Obstacles to personal excellence: environmental, behavioural, skills-related
  • Knowing how to choose which activities to do yourself, which to delegate and everything to be eliminated: the ATRED method
  • Principles and techniques for effective delegating
  • Streamlining, simplifying and making your and your employees’ work days flow: individual solutions and organisational solutions
  • Lean Mail Management
  • Lean Meeting Management
  • Methods for countering multitasking
  • Methods for reducing individual and group lead times

Exceeding expectations

  • Become experts in getting results: the ROWE method
  • Techniques to correctly calibrate objectives
  • How to develop skills in order to learn fast and continuously improve
  • The SHU-HA-RI principle

Not going backwards

  • The role of habits in our lives
  • Designing or modifying habits: trigger mechanisms, routines and gratification

You will experience

  • How to express the best of yourself
  • How to eliminate waste linked to your personal behaviour
  • How to create time and energy to engage in more strategic, leadership, and professional development activities
  • How to get used to excellence

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