Quick Setup

3 days

The Lean methodology for achieving maximum production flexibility
course code 3. 13

What is the course for


Increase operational flexibility


Reduce costs from product changes


• Improve service levels

Thanks to Shigeo Shingo, the technique of optimising and reducing product or format change times has been a necessity for all companies since the 1950’s, regardless of the product and technology sector. Today, thanks to new technologies to study and analyse labour, it is possible to achieve levels of optimisation that were previously unthinkable. This training course aims to share all these techniques through a theoretical and practical experience and bring out the participants’ ability to optimise set up in complete independence.


  • Increase operational flexibility
  • Reduce costs from product changes
  • Improve service levels
  • Reduce stock levels
  • Develop and enhance people’s skills

Addressed to

  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Production Supervisors
  • Process Engineers
  • Industrial time and methods personnel and supervisors
  • Operators


Introduction to set up

  • The definition of “set up” in various production processes
  • The indicators to measure set up
  • The link between set up, flexibility and costs
  • Understanding the Impact of set up on OEE, production lead time, and warehouses.
  • Collecting and layering the set up data
  • Analysing set up data and defining SMART reduction targets

The Quick Set Up methodology, optimising the operating sequence

  • How to select a team to reduce set up times
  • Video replay as an analysis tool
  • Analysing and optimising a set up sequence
  • Formulating a new set up sequence
  • Setting up a training path and sharing the new set up procedure
  • Recording and troubleshooting the new operating sequence
  • Breakdown of the sequences into basic activities and optimising these steps
  • The link between set up and short stoppages
  • From adjustments to settings Deleting adjustments.
  • Visual Management in Quick Set Up
  • Maintaining results over time

Practical exercises

  • Record a product change with a camcorder
  • Analysis and optimisation of the change sequence through video recording
  •  Preparing the Set Up standards
  • Creating and optimising the settings and adjustments chart

You will experience

  • How to set up a suitable data collection system
  • How to use a video camera during set up
  • How to classify “Inside” and “Outside” activities
  • How to optimise a set up sequence using ECRS (Eliminate, Combine, Reorganise, Simplify)
  • How to fill out a travel chart
  • How to draft the adjustments and settings chart
  • How to use the 5 questions for zero adjustments
  • How to use visual management to optimise set up

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