Who does the thinking in a company?

This question conceals one of the most common problems in companies: few people think and many just passively execute. It always fall to the same handful of people to resolve many of the problems.

Too few people in companies have full autonomy in problem-solving, in overcoming the obstacles that arise on a daily basis or in making even the simplest decisions.

In fact behind these widespread “social” dynamics, there is a hidden organisational and cultural problem  that often prevents the people in the company from setting their immense potential free.

There is often a top level business management that does the thinking , an intermediate managerial level that translates these thoughts into orders and then an operating base that has to carry them out.

This is the classic pyramid model of most companies.

This method is comprised organisational system made of orders and where a problem must go all the way to the summit of the “mountain”, before a solution is suggested.

What happens if the pyramid is overturned?

What would happen if it was no longer just the business owners and the directors who were permitted to think in a company?

Roles would suddenly be overturned and all the people at the base of the pyramid would have one fundamental task: to think of solutions!

This is one of the central themes of the Executive Master in Lean Lifestyle® in which individual and organisational problems are confronted and participants learn a managerial approach that radically increases the number of proactive and “thinking” people in a company.

To achieve this the Executive Master in Lean Lifestyle® trains Lean Leaders using the most effective techniques for driving the company and people.

Supporting continuous growth in the company

Lean Leaders are capable of engaging people, motivating them, and giving them clear goals, while never taking the person’s place.

This allows colleagues to “get on board” the company, supported in their continuous improvement and troubleshooting thanks to the work of a Lean Manager.

The benefits for entrepreneurs and managers who have developed this skill can be measured in:

1. Reduced time spent troubleshooting.

2. Increased time for managers to carry out strategic activities.

3. Greater customer satisfaction.

4. Increased employee motivation and involvement.

5. Overall personal and company growth.

This year over 100 entrepreneurs and managers will participate in the Executive Master in Lean Lifestyle® which has become the most important event in Italy for those who want to achieve a Lean Lifestyle both inside and outside of work.

 In this intensive managerial gym you'll learn how to design new individual and organisational habits to jointly achieve better results and greater well-being.

Watch and listen to the video clip below from last year’s Executive Master in Lean Lifestyle®when Luciano Attolico, the Scientific Director of the Executive Master in Lean Lifestyle® , explains how to overcome the traditional organisational model to increase the number of “thinking” people in a company.


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