Lenovys collaborates with the Politecnico di Milano

Lenovys supports the 2017 research of the Design Thinking for Business Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano School of Management.

The Design Thinking for Business Observatory was created due to the growing pervasiveness of this approach to innovation in various contexts: Design Thinking methodologies, approaches and tools are increasingly becoming enabling factors for innovation processes.

The Design Thinking for Business Observatory, in particular, was proposed in order to gather a group of companies willing to confront recent developments in Design Thinking in order to pool the potential advantages, but also the weaknesses of this approach, and to be a benchmark for the industry.

The Observatory – for 2017 – anticipates the following research activities within the Design Thinking Ecosystem in relation to 3 macro areas:

    • Mapping the different approaches, mindsets, methods, processes, tools, and KPIs which characterise Design Thinking
    • Defining a compass to guide the ecosystem players in the adoption of the different approaches, mindsets, methods, processes, tools, and KPIs
    • Mapping solutions, provided by start-ups, which can create value for Design Thinking ecosystem members
    • Drivers to identify the different ecosystem players and the choice of potential partners among the most innovative start-ups
    • Mapping of the organisational structures to be adopted in projects aimed at changing an organisation’s structure and culture
    • Identifying guidelines that encourage the adoption and understanding of organisational change

The research team also plans to implement some initiatives in collaboration with partners:

  • Case studies of companies belonging to the Design Thinking ecosystem with the aim of understanding the benefits and challenges faced with this approach.
  • A census of emerging startups in the Design Thinking ecosystem, so as to be able to provide guidance to companies looking for innovative solutions for managing Design Thinking processes.
  • Drafting a report containing the main findings of the Observatory’s research.

This is confirmation of Lenovys’ continuing commitment to  constantly evolving its own methodologies in relation to the most modern approaches developed in applied research contexts.

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