Lean supply chain

2 days

Improving industrial performance by optimising the entire value chain
course code 3. 11

Today, having high industrial performance in terms of service levels, quality and costs is not possible unless you are skilfully and consistently involved in the performance and synchronisation of the wider production system.

The competitiveness of Lean companies is based not only on optimising internal processes, but increasingly on the excellence of the entire value chain (Supply Chain): from suppliers of raw materials and semi-finished products, to inbound/outbound transport and on to the distribution network.

Governing the wider flow of the value chain enables you to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and takes on strategic, tactical, and operational, value.

Knowing how to recognise waste within your Supply Chain and how to identify areas to make effective improvements is therefore a key skill for organisations.

The Lenovys Lean Supply Chain course is aimed at companies and managers who want to improve their Supply Chain development capabilities through a Lean Thinking approach, with its techniques and tools, drawing inspiration from the experience of those who have been able to effectively expand the Lean philosophy throughout the entire value chain.

Having a Lean Supply Chain Manager (or developing skills in this area) will allow you to exceed the limits of an operational organisation through a systematic vision and to achieve increased performance at the service level, in quality, costs, and cash flow.

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