Act like a start-up to overcome the challenges of the future

Speed, international outlook, and courage: these are key factors in entrepreneurial start-up culture. This is a way of thinking and acting that should increasingly influence the way established companies do business”.

This comes from the following video interview between Luciano Attolico, CEO of Lenovys with Emil Abirascid, Chief Editor of Startupbusiness, at the recent Executive Master in  Impact Innovation.

When old and new business cultures meet, risks and huge opportunities are created: hence the invitation to Italian entrepreneurs and managers to be “more courageous and to have greater impact on the changes which are taking place in the world, bringing their best skills to bear on them”.

Thinking and acting as a start-up, even when you are a well-established company is now a strategic option, bringing high-impact innovation into seemingly mature sectors.

How can we do it? “Creativity and extravagance can help,” explains Abirascid – “but it’s discipline, strictness, having a structured innovation process and the ability to see crises as opportunities that make the difference.”

Watch the video interview below between Luciano Attolico and Emil Abirascid.


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